What are the benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing materials?

Metal Roofing – What Do I Need to Know?

Metal Roofing – What Do I Need to Know?

Deciding on the right roofing for your property is not always as simple as it seems. The consequences of a poor roofing choice can be costly for your home and your hip pocket for many years to come if you don’t do proper research and understand your options.

Metal roofing is one option that deserves serious consideration when making a decision on your property’s vertical protection. This versatile material has become more and more popular throughout Australia for its unique qualities and protection from the harsh Australian environment.

At Ideal Roofing, it is our pleasure to guide you through this process by demonstrating some of the pros and cons of using metal roof sheeting for your new roof.(linkto new roof page)

Superior Durability and Longevity

The number one advantage of using metal roof sheering is the longevity it will provide you. It’s said by many in the roofing industry that metal roofing will effectively last as long as your house. Materials such as steel and aluminium are proven to last longer than alternate roofing sources such as wood, asphalt or tile thanks to their unique, weather resistant properties.

Not only is metal resistant to fire, mildew, insects and rot, but it is also effective in preventing water damage to your property, ensuring that you are protected from the elements all year long.

Ease of Installation

Metal roofing generally comes in lightweight sheets between 12 and 36 inches that are easily installable by any contractor. These metal sheets are also easily transferable from supplier to home, meaning that transporting materials is a simple task for your contractor. Installing your roofing in a speedy fashion will also safeguard your home from potential rain or storms that may occur during the installation process.


The most commonly quoted downfall of metal roofing is the cost to purchase and install when compared to its competitors. Indeed, metal roofing can cost more than other roofing alternatives, leaving you with a larger initial outlay. However, this initial cost you incur will be offset by future savings thanks to the superior durability of metal. While you may have to replace a tiled roof multiple times over a property's life span, metal is a near certainty to last the duration if installed correctly and in the right environment.

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