Ideal Careers


Join an exciting opportunity to be a part of one of the leaders in the roofing industry across Australia. Ideal Roofing continues to exceed expectations and grow every year allowing us to bring on more team members regularly in order to serve the high demand for our services. You will be learning from a multi-award winning company committed to ensuring all our staff have the best opportunity to succeed.

Our business is our people. Safety is our top priority along with ensuring all our employees have the highest earning opportunity throughout their career. With a commitment to excellence, our team continues to use the highest technology and innovate products to create an exciting workplace our workers are proud to be a part of. As an employer with one of the top safety records, our engineered safety systems will ensure you are confident and energetic about each project you work on.


Roof Plumber

We are looking for certified Roof Plumbers who are passionate about their work and keen to join a fast-growing team. Learn from the best in the industry and immediately elevate your career to the highest level you wish to achieve. Our workplace is well known for exciting projects and global brand clients giving your staff a sense of pride and reward. Demand for our services are at an all-time high, no matter how the economy is doing, giving you confidence in a high earning career with stability long term.



We are looking for a labourer on the roof to assist our hard working crews on site. It doesn’t get much better than this as far as labouring positions, giving you the opportunity to work with industry leading contractors and technology, while also contributing significantly to the building of your local community. Our labourers are known for their pride in their work and strong work ethic allowing them to reach the highest possible earnings. If you are willing to learn, we will ensure you are successful.


roof plumbing apprentice

Recognized as one of the best opportunities for any apprenticeship in the trades, our Roof Plumbing Apprentices get access to cutting edge technology and award winning workmanship to make sure they earning more quicker while also developing the strongest skill set. Our goal is to be the best apprentice employer in order to ensure a bright future for the roofing industry where apprentices are excited for their high-potential career ahead.

Join our growing team!