Metal Roofing Services in Sydney

Ideal Roofing, your metal roofing specialists, offer the latest metal roofing products from the Colorbond® roofing range in Sydney. This reliable, stylish roofing is well known for its very high quality and excellent range of profile and colours. We provide exceptional metal roofing products and repairs suitable for all commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Your Expert Metal Roofing Contractor in Sydney

As your metal roofing contractors, Ideal Roofing provides all roofing services including:

  • Metal Roof Installation

  • Metal Roof Repairs & Roof Replacement

  • Roof Maintenance

  • Re-Roofing

  • Storm Damage Repair

From specialised, small scale projects to architects and building contractors, we have the most experienced team to manage your project and build bold new structures or enhancements to the traditional designs. We carry a extensive range of roof sheeting products from metal roof sheeting, Trimclad, Metlock, Spandek, Kiplock, Metrospan, Corodek, Minicorodek and curving.

The Colorbond Advantage

If you’re looking for a great roofing option, Colorbond is your metal roofing solution in Sydney. Your roof protects some of your most important investments - your family, home, and business amongst others. Colorbond Roofing offers multiple advantages as a superior choice for residential, commercial and other premises.

The key advantages in Colorbond Roofing are:

  • Excellent performance and long life

  • Low maintenance over the product life

  • Very tough, durable and reliable in any environment

  • Very broad range of colours from which to choose

  • Modern style and excellent exterior presentation

It’s no coincidence that Colorbond roofing is so popular in Australia. This metal roofing has been the brand of choice for Australians for generations. The advantages of Colorbond and its high quality make it the best recommendation for any home or building.

Solutions to Your Roofing Problems

Issues like structural problems and insulation matters need expert evaluation to find the most cost-effective solution. For answers to your complex roofing problems, talk to our team.

We work across residential, commercial and industrial metal roofing. Our roofing contractors in Sydney can assess your metal roof and determine whether roof repairs or roof replacement would be most cost-effective in the long term. We can also advise you about new roofing, insulation and roof installation.

Discuss Your Roofing Needs with Our Roofing contractors

If you’d like expert services for your metal roofing in Sydney, call us on (02) 9525 2066. Speak directly to our friendly roofing specialists and ask us for any advice, help or services you require. You can also contact us online and request a quote. We’ll respond ASAP with any information you need.