Metal Re-Roofing Specialists in Sydney

If your old roof needs some expert care and renewal, Ideal Roofing offers a full range of re-roofing and roof replacement services . Ideal Roofing are re-roofing and roof replacement experts in Sydney who can assist you in choosing the best metal roof profile to suit your existing roof.

More than just basic roof repairs, our re-roofing and roof replacements combines quality materials and expert services to deliver a superior roof for your home, commercial building or industrial premises.

Why Re-Roofing Can Be a Great Move

Re-roofing is the process of rebuilding your roof. It is often necessary for older roofs that have multiple issues or for redesign and renovation purposes. Insulating your roof space is really important and while re-roofing, you can look into insulation options, asbestos removal or cleaning gutters.  

Re-roofing offers very positive advantages for home and building owners:

  • Re-roofing fixes structural issues and other problems: Older roofs often accumulate a range of problems that escalate over time. These roof's need more than just basic roof repair. Re-roofing provides a thorough repair and replacement job that fix issues and ensure there is no hidden damage. Your new roof will be in perfect condition, with no further costly roof maintenance issues.

  • Re-roofing also offers value-adding upgrade options: If you need a re-roofing job, take the opportunity to explore your options for a new exterior. You can take your pick of the latest styles and colours.

  • Re-roofing for renovations or home upgrades: Re-roofing is also ideal when you’re carrying out renovations or upgrades. It’s important to ensure the integrity of the roof when upgrading your home. This process can ensure your roof's integrity, provide any new roofing that's required and fix pre-existing roofing issues.


Do you need to replace your roof? 

We understand that over time natural wear and tear occurs and some maintenance work will be required over the years. There are number of reasons why this will happen, maybe it was installed poorly, or it can be due to age to begin with. Whatever the reason, you may find that your metal roof needs to be replaced. Ideal Roofing, your roof replacement specialists in Sydney offer a great service with quality workmanship since 1970.

Why choose ideal roofing

Ideal Roofing offers all the latest roofing styles, design choices, and modern elements, including roof insulation, guttering, downpipes, new ventilation systems and more. If you’d like to get some guidance about your re-roofing options in Sydney, talk to our experts. We’ll help you with technical guidance and advice, solving your roof maintenance and installation problems.

We’ll also help you with:

  • A great quote for your re-roofing job

  • A thorough inspection of your roof

  • Quality workmanship completed to strict industry standards

  • Award-winning roofing materials and services

Talk to Us about Re-Roofing

We provide a full spectrum of services for roofing in Sydney. To speak to our roofing experts, call us on (02) 9525 2066. Ask us about your choices and design options and for any help you need with roofing issues. Use our online contact form to get a quote or ask for a representative to contact you at a convenient time. We’ll be happy to assist and provide any services or advice you need.