Roof Asbestos Removal

Ideal Roofing provides asbestos removal for homes, commercial buildings and industrial premises in Sydney. We provide best practice, safe and hygienic services to protect the interests and health of our clients.

Asbestos Removal – Essential Roof Repairs

Asbestos was widely used for construction and roofing in Australia until the 1980s, being used for insulation and other key purposes. While it has since been banned, older buildings may still contain asbestos, which can cause a range of health risks if disturbed.

As part of your roof repairs, you should have your roof examined for asbestos and organise removal if necessary. There are three critical issues to consider for roof asbestos:

  1. The law: By law, asbestos must be removed by licensed contractors. This material is classified as a potentially major health hazard and any degree of exposure is considered dangerous. If asbestos is discovered in your home, it must be reported to your local authority and removal must be carried out.
  2.  Location of all asbestos: It’s very important to ensure that all asbestos is removed. Depending on roof construction, asbestos may be present in places that aren’t visible. It’s necessary to check and have your roof thoroughly inspected for possible risks.
  3. Disposal: Asbestos disposal must be carried out in a safe way. Proper disposal includes containment of all materials in approved hazardous materials bags.


Why You Need an Expert Contractor for Roof Asbestos Removal

Qualified roofing contractors regularly carry out asbestos removal. Being specialists in roofing construction, they know the hazards and have the equipment and resources to manage the risks.

Ideal Roofing offers asbestos removal services and practical advice for managing the situation when asbestos-containing material is found. Our certified supervisors manage the clean-up and ensure that removal is safe, hygienic and carried out in compliance with WorkCover guidelines and all applicable safety standards.

Asbestos removal may be a major problem, but there is an upside. You can also use the situation to invest in new roofing, adding kerb appeal and design benefits to your exterior.

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