Metal Roof Replacement Services in Sydney

Ideal Roofing provides a full spectrum of roof repairs and roof replacement services Sydney wide. We can assist you with any roofing issues you have, providing reliable advice and expert services to ensure the best solutions to your problems.

Roof Maintenance Services

The good news about roof repairs and replacements is that they don’t have to be expensive or difficult. We can advise you on whether a roof replacement or repairs are the best long-term solution in terms of both costs and performance.

Here are some of the roof maintenance problems we can solve:

  • Routine repairs: Proper maintenance and repairs of emerging issues like leaks is best practice for building owners. These repairs ensure that minor issues don’t suddenly become large, dangerous and expensive.

  • Major repairs: Older roofs and problems with your roof structure represent the majority of major repairs. We can determine if roof restoration or a new roof is best for your home.

  • Roof replacement: This is recommended in cases where roofing repairs may be expensive or simply not worth the cost. This is particularly the case in older roofing with structural and drainage issues. Older roofing may adversely affect your home interior and repairs may not really solve longstanding problems.

Roof Repairs

Some roof's don't last forever, but not all of them need complete replacing with a new roof. If your roof is in need of repairs and maintenance we can help you by either completing a full roof replacement or repair, or look into minor fixes. If you have internal water damage there may be many reasons behind it and most of them will start from the initial roof damage. Ideal Roofing can provide quality services to any type of property you own from Residential, Industrial or Commercial and help you repair anything from leaks to carrying out repairs on all types of roofs in Sydney. Repairs Include:

  • Roof valley damage - build up of rust or debris

  • Damaged Flashings

  • Slipped Valley tiles

  • Cracked ridge cappings

  • Cracked tiles

  • Leaking Roofs

We can help you with:

  • Professional advice on roofing issues, risks and the practical solutions that are best for you, as well as accurate cost estimates.

  • Best practice roofing services that ensure a high quality of service. We make sure that your roof is properly repaired or installed.


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To discuss your needs, call us on (02) 9525 2066. Our roofing experts can assist and advise with all aspects of roof repairs, roof replacement, roof restoration and if necessary a new roof. You can also use our online contact form to request a quote or ask for any roofing services you need.